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7 Things You Need To Know To Become A Successful Freelance Trainer




Just some of what you get:


  • How to avoid mistakes that cost time, money, and cause stress
  • How to get new clients – what works and what doesn’t
  • Key actions you must take to have a successful and profitable training business

7 Essential Steps To Building A Successful Freelance Trainer Business




An idea of what you get:


  • How to create a foundation for your training business – do the right things right from the start
  • How to formulate and implement a marketing plan that works for you
  • How to charge what you need to sustain your business

The Secrets of Successful Trainers




An indication of what you get:


  • Access to all webinar recordings with some of the most successful freelance trainers Sharon knows
  • Learn from others about the reality of running a freelance training business
  • How to market yourself and your business – the key dos and don’ts
  • The number one piece of advice these trainers would give to anyone starting out

20 Ways To Re-energise Your Training Business




Just some of what you get:


  • Practical exercises to help you develop and grow your business
  • Key strategies to help you obtain and retain clients
  • The 1 thing you need to do to have a successful and profitable training business


How To Launch A Training Business In Just 30 Days




A flavour of what you get:


  • Decide if freelance training is right for you and work out what you really want from your business
  • Identify what you absolutely must charge to have a profitable business and feel confident about charging the fees you deserve
  • Write effective, attractive and professional training proposals
  • Choose marketing methods that will really work for you
  • Feel confident, motivated and ready to launch your training business!

How To Get Corporate Clients




A snippet of what you get:


  • Why you SHOULD and CAN get corporate clients
  • How to save time, money and energy by making sure you are meeting the right people for your business
  • 4 key strategies that will help you to meet training decision makers – without resorting to cold calling
  • How to effectively nurture relationships with your prospects so that you turn them into paying customers
  • Results of my survey of Training Managers and Buyers of Training – what strategies get their attention and how do they source training providers?

How To Get Associate Work




A taste of what you get:


  • How to decide if associate work is right for you – what you need to know before you go jumping in!
  • How to find associate opportunities without overwhelm – 5 simple strategies you can use to track training companies down
  • How to assess if a particular training company is a good match for you and your skills – as well as your bank balance!
  • How to make a speculative approach to a training company confidently and with purpose – the best way of getting your foot in the door
  • How to increase your chances of being successful in getting associate work – what turns training companies off and what they look for in potential associates
  • How to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • The 1 thing you must do if you want to make a massive difference to your success rate of getting work as an associate – guaranteed


How To Create A Future-Fit Training Business




A flavour what you get:


  • Exactly what a future-fit training business looks like – including the three core aspects of training delivery
  • Why now is the best time to be reassessing your business model
  • How to make sure you are working in a business you love
  • The relative strengths of each method of training delivery
  • How they can be seamlessly integrated
  • How to get business through the door as soon as clients are ready
  • How to love marketing and selling your services
  • How to charge what you’re worth even if you’ve previously struggled with pricing
  • You will also get to create an online course during this programme – even if you’ve never done something like that before!

How To Launch a Training Business in Just 30 Days




A taster of what you get:


  • Decide if freelance training is really for you
  • Practical and actionable steps for success
  • Work out what you really want from your business
  • Identify the kind of work you need, want and can do
  • Work out a sustainable and realistic business model
  • Feel confident about charging the fees you deserve
  • Devise a networking plan that will bring you results
  • Daily training for every step with actions to complete and move you forward
  • Weekly Zoom meet up for all participants to share knowledge and experiences and get questions answered
  • Private Facebook Community to access live and recorded trainings and ask questions
  • Free copy of the accompanying E-book

How To Create A Successful And Profitable Training Business




A sneak peek of what you get:


  • How you can avoid the struggles and challenges that most freelance trainers come up against
  • The one thing you can do which will really get you excited about selling and marketing and spur you into action, immediately!
  • Specific techniques that will bring in a steady stream of clients
  • How to stop wasting time, money and energy on marketing methods that don’t produce results and start using the ones that do
  • proven system for getting direct clients and corporate business
  • How to get clients to come to you – even in this market
  • How to use social media to build your profile and get known for what you do
  • Why it is vitally important to charge what you are worth if you want to have a sustainable business
  • Advice on how to work out what to charge so that you stay competitive without going broke
  • How to get associate work that is worth doing
  • Advice on how to get paid what you are worth, every time

Get That Course Online




A snippet of what you get:


  • Training programmes, advice and assistance in adding online courses to your portfolio
  • Delivered by a freelance trainer who’s been there and done that, and is also a Trainer Talk Ambassador
  • Complete support for everything from how to know your course will sell to what technical equipment you need to have


Trainer Talk




An indication of what you get:


  • Direct access to Sharon plus access to four live Trainer Talk events every year
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • ‘Instant’ advice and camaraderie from other freelance trainers in the private online community
  • Access to all member resources, including trainings, webinars and discounts

Associate Alerts




A flavour of what you get:


  • Exclusive associate opportunities direct to your inbox
  • A chance to create contacts you might not have otherwise got
  • Potential sources of longer-term contracts
  • New and exciting opportunities coming in all the time

One To One Mentoring




A sample of what you get:

  • One hour virtual session every fortnight with Sharon
  • Unrestricted email access over the programme
  • Accountability and a sense of purpose
  • Focused on DOING rather than THINKING and worrying
  • Clear and specific advice on the things that you should be doing to achieve the results you want
  • Encouragement and support to achieve your goals

Quick Fix Mentoring Session




A wee dram of what you get:


  • 45 minutes’ targeted advice and help
  • Best for when you have a specific challenge to overcome
  • You can bring any challenge you like, including:
  • How to write a marketing plan
  • How to know what to charge
  • Getting more clients
  • Or any other freelance trainer challenge you can think of!

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