The ‘Couch to Five Clients’ Challenge:

What it takes to create a successful direct client training business – even if you need to escape the associate work hamster wheel!

Free Five Day Challenge

January 24-28

Perfect for you if:


You want this for your business but you don’t know where to start.


You’ve tried before, but procrastinated after being overwhelmed with the options.


You aren’t sure if this is the right direction for you, but don’t know how you can get sure.


You are determined not to be stuck in the same place this time next year.

Here’s what you’ll get:


about what it takes to create a successful direct client training business


about whether this is your path


about the first important steps you need to take for success

How Does It Work?

Every day at 5pm in the safety of a private Facebook group, we’ll deliver a live training session for you.

Each session is designed to be ‘Goldilocks’ … just the right amount of information to move you forward, without giving you overwhelm!



24 January

“Reality Check”

Find out the truth about running a successful direct client training business – this is no sugar-coated version – we’ll give you the whole truth, warts and all!



25 January

“Do I Really Have To Niche?”

The pros, the cons and the difference having a known niche will really make to your fledgling direct client training business. 



26 January

“Marketing Foundations”

We promise you that marketing is almost certainly not what you think it is! In this session we’ll take you through the fundamentals you need and how to make it something you actually enjoy (yes really!).



27 January

“Your Business Pie”

Discover how to construct a business model that delivers what works for you, with the income you need and the working conditions you prefer. In short, how to create a business you love!



28 January

“Bash Those Blockers”

We won’t pretend that you won’t hit bumps along the way when creating your dream direct client training business. But we can absolutely tell you what those bumps look like AND how to navigate them.

The Couch to Five Clients Challenge is brought to you by:

I’m Sharon Gaskin, I’m the founder of The Trainers Training Company which has now become the premier resource for freelance trainers who want to create and grow successful and profitable training businesses.

After a 13 year successful corporate training career I took the plunge and went freelance in 2001. In my early days as a freelance trainer, I found things incredibly hard. I hated the whole idea of marketing and selling, the constant pressure of trying to get work and the uncertainty of knowing if I would get any money from 1 month to the next. I got disillusioned with going to networking events that didn’t get me anywhere. I used to despair about how I would ever get corporate clients and breakaway from low value associate work.

Quite frankly – I was a good trainer but I didn’t know anything about running a training business. After a while I decided to put together a system that would help me turn my training business around. I wanted to breakaway from associate work and start getting my own corporate clients. I wanted to be able to get clients whenever I needed them. I wanted to create income streams that I could depend on.

Once I created my system, things changed. I started to enjoy marketing. I was able to get clients whenever I went to networking events. And my clients were willing to pay my fees, because they realized how much value they were getting by working with me! My system helped me build up a successful training business with clients such as Zurich, Huntswood, Europ Assistance and Lloyds.

You will learn my whole system for creating a successful training business during this programme.

Since starting The Trainers Training Company 11 years ago I have trained and mentored hundreds of freelance trainers and helped them to start or turn their training businesses around.

I’m Ginette Tessier, Online Business Alchemist and the founder of The Get That Gang: a suite of services for trainers and other subject matter experts who want to create a successful online-centred business.

After 20+ years in corporate life (where I was lucky enough to be supported in becoming a qualified trainer in addition to the day job) I took the plunge into freelance life following redundancy in late 2014.

I quickly fell in love with the possibilities and potential of online courses, but struggled to find anyone to learn from who focused on providing a great learner experience as the key reason for course creation. There were plenty of ‘get-rich-quick’ snake-oil sellers out there (still are)!

So I decided to thoroughly investigate what constitutes best practice in online course creation. I quickly found more and more trainers and other subject matter experts were turning to me for help in navigating the world of online courses. I was regularly fielding questions about the tech, the design, the delivery and of course marketing and sales.

In 2018, I decided to shift my business model to almost 100% online, and in addition to being an NLP Trainer and Master Coach, I’m also now a Certified Master Persuader – one of only a handful globally certified to use the Persuasion Audit Tool.

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