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55 minutes ago

Remember consistency is key, but you don't have to be at it 24/7. Bitesize marketing will deliver the same results as long as you remember to focus on your customer and what their needs are. How can they expect their problems to be solved working with you?#freelance #training #trainer #marketing #content #strategy ...
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1 day ago

As business owners it is important to breakdown your marketing into chunks to avoid overwhelm. Block out some calendar time and spend it focussing on writing blogs, emails or social content. If you have lots of blogs, have you considered using them for content in your email campaigns? You can also repurpose your blogs for social media content. Take the key points from your blog and create some designs to support these. What marketing will you do this week? If you are looking for more information on marketing, take a look at the blogs here: You can also sign up to receive my newsletter full of tips and suggestions. #freelance #marketing #trainertalk #training #freelance #content #strategy #ownboss #growth #share ...
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1 day ago

Trainer talk local North West.... NEXT MONDAY ...
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2 days ago

I need a feedback from you:If you have the capability, would you open a training company nowadays in Dubai? ...
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