Starting a training business can be really daunting and many will think long and hard about leaving their current job to become a freelancer. It is fair to say that there are many factors to take into consideration when starting any business and ultimately, you have to weigh up whether the hard work associated with starting a successful business from scratch will be worth it.

For many, the thought of being able to spend every day in the training room doing what they love will encourage them to take the plunge and they will embark on their new journey in the training industry without much hesitation. However, others will let misconceptions about this type of work put them off from starting a training business. So, to prevent talented and driven trainers from missing out on an amazing opportunity, we have looked into some of the most common misconceptions that make freelance training unappealing.

“Finding companies to sell to is incredibly difficult”

Undeniably, one of the hardest parts of starting a training business is knowing where to get new clients from, however, finding companies to sell to doesn’t have to be as difficult as people assume. There are actually lots of different ways to meet companies who need trainers and you will likely already have a list of old contacts that you can potentially turn into clients. Learning how to nurture your leads is one of the best things you can do as a new freelance trainer. 

“You need to work around the clock to be successful”

When you first start a training business, there is no denying that you may need to put in long hours to make your name as a quality trainer. Yet, over time, setting boundaries is really important and working all hours is likely to result in burnout. Ideally, you should decide on set ‘opening hours’ for your business and ensure that you’re only working during these hours. This is particularly important if you want to have a good work-life balance.  

“Online marketing is more important than any other type of marketing”

Of course, in this digital day and age, online marketing is really important and you should put time and effort into this. However, traditional ways of marketing are still crucial and it is advantageous to find time for things such as networking too. In fact, networking is key to the training industry and when you start a training business, you will be joining a community of like-minded people, so networking with other trainers can be invaluable. 

“You will have to discount your training services to get bookings”

It can be really tempting to lower your prices or discount your services in an attempt to win over new clients, especially when you’re first starting out as a trainer. Generally speaking, experts will advise that you set your rates and stick to them though, otherwise you run the risk of your business never being profitable. To prevent you from making stress-induced decisions due to money worries, it’s beneficial to have some backup money in the bank for the first few months.

“Being too niche will turn clients away”

So many new training businesses have a fear of being too niche, yet niche is actually what companies look for when it comes to finding a training course. You may feel as though you will lose out on clients if your business is quite niche and you won’t be able to grow if your niche is too small, but being a ‘Jack of all trades’ can sometimes be detrimental. Finding your niche and becoming the leader in your field is much more advisable for training businesses. 

“You will waste lots of money on coaches”

It can be difficult to know what to spend your money on when you start a training business, however, training and development is always a worthwhile expense. Finding the right coach can completely transform your business and help you to overcome any hurdles you face when you first become a freelance trainer. A coach can offer you professional support and guidance, helping you work towards those all-important goals when growing your business. 

Getting assistance when starting a training business

Ultimately, many of the negatives you hear about starting a training business are simply misconceptions and you shouldn’t let any of the above statements put you off becoming a freelance trainer. There really are a number of benefits to this line of work and starting a training business can be incredibly rewarding. 

If you’re interested in leaving your current job role and starting a training business, don’t hesitate to contact us here at The Trainers Training Company. We pride ourselves on helping freelance trainers create and grow successful, profitable and future-fit training businesses. Explore the rest of our website today to learn more about how we can help you when you’re first starting a new training business. 



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