One of the biggest barriers to buying from a new supplier is fear – fear of getting it wrong, fear of looking foolish, fear of disappointment, and fear of wasting money.

Knowing this, one of the key objectives of your marketing should be to help your potential clients overcome their fear of buying from you for the first time.

Here are five sure-fire tips to make sure that your clients feel good about booking your training services:

1.      Show empathy

When people are looking to purchase a new product or service, they’re often in a defensive position looking for a solution to a problem.

I think one of the most important things you can do is acknowledge the barriers to buying and talk about the problems your potential clients might be facing, as well as how you can help to solve them.

People like to feel understood and that you have good insights into their needs.

2.      Show how you can add value

Because people are often scared of wasting money when they deal with a new supplier, I’d advise you to think about how you add value for your clients, and then highlight it in your marketing.

Value-added selling points might include:

  • Offering a face-to-face initial consultation during which you get clear on the client’s goals and objectives
  • Having processes in place to get feedback from trainees
  • How you assess what trainees have implemented as a result of training
  • Providing flexibility in course delivery, e.g. online components designed to fit around trainees’ work commitments
  • Using interactive training technologies shown to boost engagement

3.      Give measurable data about how your training makes a difference

New clients want to understand the benefits of hiring you as a trainer.

If you have a mechanism for measuring pre- and post-course assessment data, you can share this with potential clients so that they understand how you will review the direct impact of your training on their staff.

It’s fantastic if you can also share examples of how you’ve made a difference to other clients. If you can show that a training programme led to a 167% increase in productivity or a 60% decrease in wastage – or whatever example works for your business – this will help clients to identify the potential return on their investment.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Quote by Jack Canfield

4.      Provide testimonials and/or case studies

When it comes to buying, we humans are heavily influenced by the opinions of others. From a marketing perspective, this is why reviews and word of mouth recommendations are so important.

Testimonials and case studies are a great way to show potential clients that other people have bought from you and have been so happy with the experience that they’re willing to tell others about it.

This is one of the most powerful ways to overcome fear – by letting people know that others have gone before them and benefited from the experience.

Case studies are fantastic because you can go into a good level of detail about how you worked with a client and what the positive outcomes were. This helps new contacts to visualise what it will be like to work with you and apply the benefits to their own organisation.

5.      Set clear goals and expected outcomes

When talking to clients, new and old, I think it’s essential to explain how you will set clear goals for the training, as well as identifying the expected outcomes. I would also give the potential client some idea about the likely schedule.

In my experience, if everyone knows what to expect, it ensures that you’re both on the same page – from scoping out the training requirements through to post-training feedback and assessment.


Happy clientSome people decide to combat buyer fear by offering a 30-day money back guarantee or free trial sessions. As a trainer though, I think the key to making clients feel good about buying from you is to show them that you understand their needs and why you’re the best ‘fit’ to address them.




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