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One-to-one business coaching for freelance trainers

Get the clarity and direction you need to break through your blocks
and build a thriving training business

You’re already a brilliant trainer.
Now discover how to think like a business owner.

Do you feel like you can’t see the wood for the trees when it comes to making decisions about your training business? Perhaps you arrive at a decision and then second-guess yourself, which leaves you stuck and playing small? 

Are you so busy that you’re constantly chasing your tail or, on the flipside, twiddling your thumbs and hoping that someone will book your training services soon? Maybe you keep swinging wildly between the two and you’d give anything for some stability?

You’re not alone! These are all common challenges for freelance trainers, whether starting out or years into self-employment.

Working with me as your business coach can help you to cut through the noise and indecision to decide what a successful client-generating business looks like for you – and then build it.

Book a Working Together session to find out more about how coaching works
& which option would be a good fit

Are you ready to break through feeling…?

If you put in more hours right now, I guarantee you’ll just end up chasing your tail even harder! 

It’s time to stop, get off the hamster wheel and get super intentional about what you want from your training business.

Here’s how …

First, be kind to yourself

Before you do anything else, I want you to stop for a moment and give yourself a pat on the back. Congratulate yourself for everything you’ve achieved so far. Running a training business can be hard work, especially if you’re trying to do all the admin and client finding without support.

When you started out, you may have defaulted to the “time for money” business model, purely because it’s what most people do. But, as you’ve probably realised, there’s a ceiling to what you can earn, even if you work all of the hours.

And with this business model, what happens when you want a day off or you can’t work for any reason? Working harder and longer isn’t the answer – it’s just a fast track to burning out.

But how do you create a better business model, one that enriches your life instead of creating more stress?

Coaching can help you to figure that out.

Next, get intentional

If you feel your training business has plateaued and you’re struggling to grow it (or even get it off the ground), or it feels like you’re moving in the wrong direction, it’s absolutely crucial to face things head on.

Otherwise, days of being endlessly busy but going nowhere can quickly turn into months or even years.

Life is too precious to leave your success to chance.

Success means different things to everyone but whatever it looks like to you, business coaching with me can help you achieve it

Get to the heart of what you really want out of your training business

Find the path for your training business that is right for you

Take control of the big picture stuff, including clients, services & money

Unravel the nitty gritty too (e.g. software & systems) to achieve the big picture

Discover the blocks & limiting beliefs holding you back & tackle them

Get on top of your to-do list & focus on actions that will deliver results

Create ease and flow in your business & feel empowered to succeed

Get things done - I'll be there to encourage you & for accountability

Why work with me?

I’m Sharon Gaskin, the founder of The Trainers Training Company, which has now become the premier resource for freelance trainers who want to create and grow successful and profitable training businesses.

I learned how to thrive as a freelance trainer – and you can too!

I spent 13 years as a successful corporate trainer before deciding to go freelance in 2001. Talk about a baptism of fire. While I was a great trainer, I didn’t know anything about running a business!

I hated the idea of marketing and selling, became disillusioned with networking, despaired of breaking away from low value associate work, and took a monthly white-knuckle ride on the feast and famine rollercoaster.

It was time to take action. My training business was running me, not the other way round. So, I got intentional about defining my goals and making decisions. I created a system to craft reliable income streams, find new corporate clients and break into the corporate world.

And once I created my system, things changed. I started to enjoy marketing. I was able to get clients whenever I went to networking events. And my clients were willing to pay my fees, because they realised how much value they were getting by working with me! 

My system helped me build up a successful training business with clients such as Zurich, Huntswood, Europ Assistance & Lloyds.

As my training business went from strength to strength, I realised that other trainers were struggling with the same things that had held me back.

I launched The Trainers Training Company in 2009 and started exclusively coaching self-employed trainers to create thriving training businesses. Since then, I’ve coached hundreds of freelance trainers to achieve personal and professional success.

I also run Trainer Talk, an inclusive and supportive online and in-person community of freelance trainers.

The people I’ve coached say they love my mix of empathy, gentle encouragement, confidence building, practical action taking, and a bit of tough love thrown into the mix when you need a nudge in the right direction!

If you are ready to experience change in a supportive and encouraging setting,
then I’m ready to be your coach and guide

Struggling with self-doubt?

Self-Belief Coaching Academy Graduate Coach

In my experience, one of the biggest blocks that holds people back in business (and life) is self-belief – or lack of it! 

In reality, you already have what it takes to be a phenomenal business owner, as well as a phenomenal trainer, but I bet there’s some “inner stuff” holding you back. We all have it.

You might be wrestling with imposter syndrome, doubting your abilities, scared about being too successful (yes, that’s a common block!) or have so many ideas that you just can’t make a decision.

Whether you think you’re not enough or too much, your self-belief will be at the heart of everything you do. And if you’re tired of holding yourself back, personally or professionally, coaching can help you unlock what’s going on and finally step into your full potential.

I’m a Certified Self-Belief Coach and bring this evidence-based coaching approach to our sessions too.

What is a Working Together Session?

Working with a business coach, especially someone who works exclusively with freelance trainers, can be transformative on so many levels. My coaching clients gain new confidence, direction, purpose and more. BUT coaching is a commitment.

A Working Together session is a free, 50-minute no-obligation chat (either on Zoom or over the phone) where you can find out more about what coaching entails and whether it’s the right thing for you at this moment in time. 

Successful coaching often comes down to great chemistry between the coach and client, so it’s important to me that you feel confident we’re a great fit.

I don’t go for pushy sales tactics. A Working Together session is a pressure-free way to explore what working together might look like.

Business coaching for freelance trainers

In my experience, business coaching for freelance trainers works best when you have a foundation session to identify your challenges, blocks, dreams and goals for your business (and how it fits around your life) and then follow-up sessions for action and accountability. One of the many benefits of working with me as your coach is having a sounding board who understands what you do and has walked the same path.

I offer a three-month or six-month coaching package – you can find the details below. Your first step is to book a Working Together session. I would then send an invoice if you decide to go ahead and book.

Three-month coaching package

Single payment

3 months of 1-2-1 business coaching
£ 1,000 + VAT One payment
  • Foundation session (90 minutes)
  • Plus one 60-minute session (on Zoom) per month for three months
  • Support on WhatsApp between sessions

3 x monthly payments

3 months of 1-2-1 business coaching
£ 350 + VAT Monthly
  • Foundation session (90 minutes)
  • Plus one 60-minute session (on Zoom) per month for three months
  • Support on WhatsApp between sessions

Six-month coaching package

Single payment

6 months of 1-2-1 business coaching
£ 1,800 + VAT One payment
  • Foundation session (90 minutes)
  • Plus one 60-minute session (on Zoom) per month for six months
  • Support on WhatsApp between sessions

6 x monthly payments

6 months of 1-2-1 business coaching
£ 325 + VAT Monthly
  • Foundation session (90 minutes)
  • Plus one 60-minute session (on Zoom) per month for six months
  • Support on WhatsApp between sessions

What Trainers Say About Business Coaching With Me

"Sharon has recently coached me to help to develop my business further, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

She has the perfect balance of listening and supporting whilst also challenging my thinking and encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Sharon is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, and she brought this to our sessions, but mainly her coaching was about helping me to really hone what I wanted with my business and how to approach this.

Her blend of kindness, humour and insight helped me to open up and be really honest.

I would recommend Sharon to anyone looking to develop their business further, and no doubt I will be calling on her again in the future."
Kate Smith
Kate Smith
"I found my time with Sharon extremely helpful. In all the confusion of setting up a new business at the time of a global pandemic, Sharon’s advice and guidance brought much need clarity and calmness.

Sharon understands her clients and she uses her years of experience to bring tried and tested methods to your attention.

Sharon was easy to work with and I found the whole experience a real pleasure. When business begins to pick up I will certainly be looking at joining her training community to continue my learning journey."
Steve Brunt
Stephen Brunt
"I have worked with Sharon as my Coach in order for her to support me in building my training and coaching business.

She has an empathetic manner which is gentle yet tough. She listened, explored issues with me, encouraged me to set goals and held me accountable for moving forward.

During the time of the Coaching I found the process to be extremely motivating and supportive and it helped me to work though difficult issues. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon as a Business Coach."
Barbara Wilson
Barbara Wilson
"I’ve been in contact with Sharon Gaskin through a number of social platforms over a number of years and I’ve attended a number of her courses. As a trainer I can really recommend all these courses. She is a trainer so she understands the concerns of freelance trainers.

She is warm, kind and delivers superb value for money. It’s really clear she loves what she does and she loves trainers …

I am really looking forward to continue working with her over the next number of years and she will be a key part of building my freelance business. She offers clear practical advice that is eminently easy to implement! Thank you, Sharon."
Anne Walsh
Anne Walsh
"Sharon coached me and my co-founder for 3 months to look at ways to improve our proposition and market our company. I enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend Sharon.

What I particularly liked about Sharon was her calmness and person-centred approach. There were many different approaches we could have taken, but she took the time to understand what worked for us, our values and what type of marketing sat well with us.

Sharon is very astute at noticing language and body language to gain a deeper understanding of the situation to help us 'unblock' any issues. She is very nurturing and collaborative and even reached out to her network on various aspects that could help. The output and actions from our sessions were realistic and held us to account to move the business forward, taking time to understand what we had learned and how we could build on them.

She left us with a wealth of knowledge which gives us longevity and a variety of options for the future."
Cathy Lawson and Alison Burgess
"I worked with Sharon through her 1-1 Training Coaching Programme and I'm extremely glad I did. She helped me confirm my next steps and was instrumental in guiding me through the process of putting all of my digital marketing in place so that I could continue growing the business as quickly as possible.

Thanks very much Sharon for all of your support. I'd thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants to scale their training business online."
Ridhima Dosani

Business coaching with me can help you unlock your amazing potential,
focus it and overcome any self-doubt that’s holding you back

Let's chat!

Join me for a no-obligation 50-minute Working Together session so I can find out more about you, what you want to achieve in your business right now and whether I am the best person to help you. It’s also a good opportunity to find out more about how the Coaching Programme works. 


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