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10 tips for a successful live video marketing strategy

Did you know that, on Facebook, people spend three times longer watching live videos than they do pre-recorded footage? If you’re not using live video as a marketing tool yet, you probably should be. Videos are potentially the most powerful tools we have in our...

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How to be authentic in your business and why it matters

These days, being authentic in your business is more important than ever. People want to know that they’re putting their money into safe hands and, in the case of trainers, that we’ll share knowledge that’s current, relevant and will make a positive difference. Just a...

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5 more actionable tips to grow your training blog

In last week’s blog, I talked about how blogging is a fantastic tool for building your reputation and authority as a trainer while sending out positive signals to Google about the relevance of your content. I know blogging is an important topic for many freelance...

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6 tips to grow your training blog

Although, as a freelance trainer, you may bring in business via recommendations and referrals, it’s still important to have a strong online presence. Your training blog can help with this. Blogs are a great avenue to publish fresh content that appeals to your target...

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5 reasons every trainer should join a mentoring group

Having a business coach or mentor can make a hugely positive difference to anyone in the business world but one-to-one support isn’t the only option. In my professional and personal experience, being part of a mentoring group can have massive advantages for trainers....

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