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6 tips to grow your training blog

Although, as a freelance trainer, you may bring in business via recommendations and referrals, it’s still important to have a strong online presence. Your training blog can help with this. Blogs are a great avenue to publish fresh content that appeals to your target...

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5 reasons every trainer should join a mentoring group

Having a business coach or mentor can make a hugely positive difference to anyone in the business world but one-to-one support isn’t the only option. In my professional and personal experience, being part of a mentoring group can have massive advantages for trainers....

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Personal development for trainers: how to make time

Personal development is a lifelong process of developing new and existing skills so that you’re able to direct your career – and life – in the way that you want. As a trainer, you’re probably more aware of the benefits of personal development than most but it can...

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How to collaborate when you work alone

One of the best bits of being a freelance trainer is working independently but there are times when it can be one of the worst bits too. In my experience, most trainers are ‘people’ people – they love the interaction, bouncing ideas around, learning, sharing and...

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How to get what you want from freelance negotiations

As a freelance trainer, the day will come sooner or later when you have to negotiate either your rate or the scope of your training provision. You might find the prospect downright terrifying but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve put together some of my tried and tested...

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20 Top Trainers Share Their Best Marketing Tips

  Ever wondered how successful freelance trainers market their business? In this post, I share marketing tips from the best freelance trainers. Which ones will you try? 1. Alex Hewlett Differentiate between 'No never' and 'No, not yet'. Follow up the 'Not yet'...

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