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Associate Alert Service Testimonials

What Freelance Trainers Are Saying About The Associate Alert Service

I joined Sharon’s Alert Service 16 months ago and it has been worth every penny. On the one hand I have gained 2 lucrative contracts that kept my accountant happy but for me the main benefit has been the growing confidence I have from the contacts I have made with people I wouldn’t have known existed. I’ve made some long lasting friends from these opportunities so thank you on so many levels.

Bev Wrench

“I joined the Trainer Alert service because it seemed like a good service, and other people were speaking highly of it. After a few months of getting a steady trickle of associate opportunity alerts, I realised that the best route was only to apply for those alerts that were truly right for me. So now I ignore the vast majority of the alerts, and in the past few months I’ve have applied to only 2, and tailored my response each time. The benefits: For a very reasonable sum, I have now connected with two exciting associate opportunities. One of which is absolutely perfect for me and I’m delighted to be meeting them next month for a training and contracts day. I am seeing opportunities and alerts that would never have been on my radar, and it’s evident that Sharon is a well-respected resource when you see the quantity and quality (and geographical spread) of training companies that approach her.”

Susan Haswell

Big Results Training

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Sharon Gaskin and the Associate Alert service which she runs. I have been a member for the last 12 months and have secured a big piece of work on training Financial Leadership for a large Facilities Management Company in their Leadership Academy. As a consequence the company have now asked me to undertake another significant piece of work facilitating behavioural skills for their Business Development Academy which could run for the next 18 months. None of this would have happened without getting the notification of the companies need via the Associate alert, Thank you Sharon great job. 

Patrick Bird

Had only been signed up to Sharon’s Associate Alert service for about a month before receiving notification of a brilliant long term opportunity, which I ended up securing. It is definitely not an opportunity I would have otherwise become aware of, and Sharon stayed engaged throughout the process and even took the time to congratulate me at the end. This is definitely a service worth investing in and I look forward to seeing what further opportunities hold for me. 

Jade Luke

Sharon’s Associate Alert service is brilliant for getting really good leads for interesting and rewarding training consultancy projects. She has a fantastic network of contacts within the training sector and is highly regarded as a highly experienced consultant. I would recommend anyone who is looking to grow their training business and get more leads to use this service.

Jill Mytton

I signed up to the Associate Alert service at the end of October 2016, and have received regular opportunity alerts ever since. I have already (within 6 months) started working with two very exciting new client organisations, and the potential revenue will mean a great ROI on the annual subscription fee. It has saved me countless hours of business development activity, meaning that I can focus on what I love – training delivery, and helping people achieve their full potential. If you are a freelance trainer looking to connect with high quality organisations, try the Associate Alert service. It worked for me (and it won’t break the bank!)

Sarah H Gordon

I have been signed up to Sharon’s Associate Alert Service for a while now and can wholeheartedly say that it has been one of my best decisions! Sharon is incredibly active and keeps me regularly updated on Associate opportunities, without this I’d never even be aware of what’s out there. I have recently been successful in becoming an Associate with a great company and this was a direct result of a notification sent out by Sharon. If you are at all serious about being a freelance trainer/facilitator you really must sign up with Sharon. You absolutely will not regret it.

Simon Leckie

I have been a member of Sharon’s Associate Alert Service for a couple of years now. In the last 6 months there have been a number of interesting opportunities and I have secured work with a couple of those. It is well worth the annual investment and it is one way of getting to know about opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise do. Sharon has a great reputation in the industry and companies seeking training support will often go to her rather than “out” to the general market. Thank you Sharon.

Michelle Tranter

Sharon provides an Associate Alert service for freelance trainers and facilitators like myself. The annual subscription I pay has more than paid for itself in terms of the associate opportunities that I have been selected for as a result of this service.
Whilst my own skillset is management & leadership development, soft skills, team development, stress management and performance management, Sharon also sends through opportunities relating to Foreign Languages, IT training, Social Care and much more.

Sarah Jones

I’ve been a member of Sharon’s excellent Associate Alert Service for some time now and watch with interest when new alerts go out. It’s quite frankly a brilliant service and one that can save time if you’re on the lookout for work opportunities. I have applied for a few and taking advantage of some feedback that Sharon shared about “how to apply” I have just won a fairly large piece of work for a training organisation based in Bristol. This opportunity will take me into Europe early next year and will hopefully lead to a long term partnership. In short, the Associate Alert Service is a great tool that directly connects with work opportunities and one it repays its minimal costs very quickly.

Martin Smith

Sharon is someone that I find a brilliant go-to person as a subject matter expert with advice, client recommendations and Trainer Development for some years now. She has a wonderful bank of knowledge, contacts and is genuinely a very lovely lady that is highly credible in the Uk for Training Providers.

A real must for any new and existing Freelance Trainer to keep pace in business today.

Thank you Sharon – you’re a diamond!

Sally Smith

“I have been a member of the Associate Alert Service for just over a year and I have just renewed.

The service is great. Sharon regularly sends out a variety of Associate training opportunities that cover all sectors and all parts of the country. There is always plenty of detail and a direct contact at the client.

I have applied for a couple over the last year and I was successful in my most recent application. The client speaks very highly of the service offered by Sharon.

The great advantage is not the one piece of work you apply for but the start of a new relationship. Finding clients in the big bad world is difficult enough however this process cuts through all of the mess.

The relationship has now moved on and I am now doing additional work with the client so this has the potential to be huge for me.

I cannot recommend this service and Sharon more. You simply must be part of this process if you want your business to be a success.”

Craig Cornwall

“Sharon’s Associate Alert Service is brilliant! I signed up to the service right at the beginning of seeking to gain some associate training work and it’s the only avenue I’ve needed to win all the work I was hoping for. It has delivered return on the investment many times over in just a couple of months and the quality of training opportunities advertised through the service has way surpassed my expectations. If you are looking for associate training opportunities you’d be nuts not to check this out!”

Nick Howes, Surrey

Sharon’s Associate Alert Service has landed me an excellent client for whom I now deliver regular Leadership and Management training. All I had to do was sign up for Sharon’s Alert service to be sent regular notifications of companies that are looking for trainers. Sometimes it may be things that I don’t offer but then you get a perfect opportunity to engage directly with the client and explain what you can do for them – and the great thing is that they are looking for trainers having already notified Sharon of their requirement, so the door is already open. Such a perfect set-up for finding new clients.

Mark Corder

As a freelance trainer and entrepreneur who is trying to establish myself in the UK market I have found that Sharon’s associate alert service is not just helpful but also fruitful. Through it I have been connected to trusted and honourable training providers who deliver on what they promise. This in itself has paid the price of being a part of the alert service. Added to this is the priceless value of being a part of her Facebook Group of trainer who are always helpful and supportive as well. If you are a freelance trainer and looking to connect with the businesses that have the training connections then this is definitely the service to use.

Maggie Georgopolous

Sharon has a great work ethic and takes much pride in what she does – which shows in the quality of opportunities and clients.

I highly recommend Sharon, she has time for a chat, advice and pushing you in the right direction.

Jay Aychara

I have been working with Sharon for the last six months or, and have found the Associate Alert Service that she runs to be a valuable addition to my marketing activities. Having a stream of warm leads is a luxury that I am getting used to, but am never taking for granted.

Leonard Sym

In April 2015 I joined the sometimes scary world of L&D but quickly found a friendly face and encouraging friend in Sharon Gaskin. Her website was full of fantastic hints and tips, I attended a couple of Webinars and joined her Associate Alert Service. Almost immediately, I started to receive e-mails regularly. Its an excellent source of job opportunities that aren’t seen on your regular alerts posts. I’ve just recently signed up for my first contract from one of Sharon’s Alerts and within 2 weeks of agreeing the contract have doubled my Associate bookings! Thank you Sharon – highly recommended, amazing service!

Barbara Stephenson

Thanks to Sharon’s alert service, I have just secured more work, making this service well worth the nominal cost. Many thanks Sharon!

Nikki Cinderey

The associate alert service quite simply does exactly what it promises and directly connects me with opportunities. The secret is to respond quickly and with a personalised response and then things happen! I have been registered with the service for two years now and have built countless relationships during this time and secured a steady flow of new business opportunities. my recommendation…. go for it!

Chris Gale

Sharon’s Alert Service has been a a fantastic way to get associate work (and in some cases even direct-client work!). A few days a week I get an email straight to my inbox with opportunities that are relevant to me and I can then approach them. Last year, I even became an associate to a great company that has brought a lot of exciting work ever since. Definitely a great service!

Thank you Sharon


“I have used the Associate Alert service from Sharon Gaskin for the past 5 years and it has been tremendous value to me as a freelancer. I’ve increased my reputation and client base from this service, which all started with one successful piece of work. If you are a freelance trainer then this service is incredible and superb value for money – one contract paid for several years of membership. Now my business has grown I will be keeping in touch with Sharon for when I need more associates”

Trish Stretton, MD People face2face Ltd.

Sharon’s associate opportunity email alert service is fantastic.  I’ve made contact and built long lasting relationships with a number of training companies around the country and more importantly I’ve got some work out of it.  I would encourage all Trainers to sign up to this and take advantage of Sharon’s service

Mike Ode

Potential Unearthed

“I’ve had more active responses to associate opportunities with Sharon in the last 6 months, than I had for 4 years with anyone else – and hers is an absolute steal at the price”

Martin Haworth

Coach Train Learn

“I met Sharon via Twitter and she has proved to be inspirational with all the support and information she sends out to freelance trainers looking for opportunities. I have had opportunities sent to me frequently since I have been in connection with Sharon. This week I have secured a new contract thanks to Sharon recommending me. Thank You Sharon keep up the brilliant work.”

Phil Clarkson

Interactive Training Solutions

“The associate alert service represents great value for money. During the past 6 months this service has introduced me to two new training providers who have taken me on as an associate. I will continue using associate alerts as a tool for networking and generating business.”

Colette Johnson

Learning Curve

“Thank you Sharon for the excellent service you provide to Freelance Training Consultants via the Trainers Training Company. As one of those who registered as a member a year ago through recommendation from a friend, I was able to secure a very good associate opportunity with a training organisation.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Trainers Training Company as a reputable service provider to anyone seeking freelance training opportunity. Besides the great service offered and value for money, the ‘personal’ support and encouragement from Sharon is worth the investment”.

Valerie Brown-Beckford

As a result of your Associate Alerts I’m now contracted to do 18 days’ work  between end of July and end of November, both over here and in Germany! Thanks so much for emailing me and pushing me in the right direction – I really appreciate it. I’m a big fan!!”

Diana Barden

“I have found the Associate Alert service from The Trainers Training Company to be of great benefit.  Sharon sends through opportunities that are really worth considering.  I followed up one of the first ones she sent through and was fortunate enough to win that piece of work, in fact they have asked me to help with 2 other projects now.  I have had a big return on my investment in a very short time.  So thanks Sharon, this service is a really good one and I would recommend others sign up too.”

Patricia Stretton

“I have found Sharon’s Associate Alert Service to be a great resource. She regularly forwards Freelance Training opportunities and has introduced me to some very credible businesses and fellow associates. I have secured business through this service and what I really like is Sharon takes a personal interest in your situation and progress.  The Associate Alert Service offers collaborative working at its’ best and I highly recommend the service to others.”

Tanya Moxon

Managing Director, Fearless Feat.

I recently started up my own training business and stumbled upon Sharon’s Associate Alert Service and signed up to it. It has been without doubt and absolute transformation in creating a fantastic revenue pipeline for the business…the best investment I have made by a mile. I had so many leads to explore that I didn’t know what to do with them all and had to schedule in a few days to manage them properly!! Loads of them have converted or are in the process of converting to new opportunities to build the business. If you want to explore new ‘live’ training opportunities then I highly recommend this service…it is brilliant!

Ben George

The Associate Alert Service has been a great channel for me to develop my business. I’ve recently been offered a really interesting contract as a result of the service, that I would never have found out about otherwise. There is a huge breadth of opportunities that are offered. To have opportunities just land in your inbox is fantastic.

Amy Reynolds

Signing up for Sharon’s Associate Alert Service has been invaluable for my coaching consulting business. Very frequently I receive notifications of freelance opportunities that are well suited to my skillset and I have successfully secured contractor work and grown my network. The return on this small investment has been incredible.

Christoph Spiessens

In 2015, Sharon connected me with some fantastic training assignments and training clients. In the last 3 months, I have been involved in L&D projects in the US and several European countries. All of this as a result of Sharon’s Associate Alert Service. Highly recommended.

Mark Hayes

I contacted Sharon when I first set up in business as a freelancer purely on the strength of the website and testimonials, and found her generous with both her time and advice. Move forward a couple of months, and the alert service had secured me one of my first contracts, which ultimately resulted in £9,000 worth of business in my first year, plus some new contacts which I have kept using, as well as more interview days for associate work. All in all, a fantastic return on investment for £87 – I think that means you have got my subscription for a few years to come Sharon! Now I just need to make it to one of your workshops….

Annabel Graham

“Starting out on your own can be daunting, especially if you are wondering how to get work when you don’t have many established contacts in the training world; this is where Sharon and The Trainers Training Company comes in!

When I started as a freelance trainer I needed some help getting a foot in the door of some larger training companies and Sharon very kindly shared some opportunities with me that have resulted in me directly getting work and building some great new relationships.

I highly recommend that you use this service as it can provide great opportunities with great companies, Sharon has a huge amount of credibility which counts for a lot in opening that door a little wider.”

Claire Tranter

Wave Learning

“The fact that Sharon has helped me obtain work with several high-calibre clients tells you about her own calibre. She (for a very small fee) will seek-out and forward (often at crazy hours, including weekends) a steady trickle of opportunities. I would gladly recommend her services to any freelance trainer or client seeking a suitable trainer.”

Shaun Topham

“As a result of connecting with Sharon, through her Associate Alert Service I found myself in Zurich this week – facilitating a lively group of senior women business leaders. How brilliant is that! Through the whole process I found Sharon to be responsive & supportive. She is an expert in bringing the right people together.”

Sue Oliver

Wave Learning

“Sharon’s Associate Alert Service is really worth it! I’m now getting regular work from a great company I didn’t know existed before in central London and I had just the skills and experience they were looking for. Sometimes things happen easily…….and thanks to Sharon my ‘bread and butter’ income is now taken care of so I can now focus on approaching direct clients. I would really recommend signing up for the service because you never know how it’s going to help you!”

Rowena Khan

I would recommend Sharon Gaskin as a great source of associate trainers which are specialists in an array of different subjects. Through her Associate Alert Service she has supplied me with some of the most talented and inspiring Learning and Development Professionals.

Andrea Rolfe

Barnet Council

If you’re looking to source a Freelance trainer then Sharon and The Trainers Training Company is definitely the place to go. The trainer alert system is absolutely brilliant, I’ve found it so helpful when trying to resource trainers for our projects. Within a few minutes of the Sharon’s alert going out to her vast database my inbox quickly fills up with experienced, knowledgeable people. I fully endorse the service and recommend using Sharon if your trying widen your pool of associates.

Wendy Hesbrook


Sharon was the “Go to Person”, to find the right Freelance Trainer to deliver a Project Management course for the Eldon Group. She was able to provide me with the names of some of the very best and experienced individuals in the market, which resulted in finding the perfect match for our business. I would not hesitate to contact Sharon again and highly recommend her services.

Deborah Pitchford

Eldon Insurance Services

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank The Trainers Training Company for supporting my search for a training facilitator. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…!

After sending my own notifications about the post I was getting little response, so I took my own advice and started to search through LinkedIn contacts etc. One of Sharon’s posts just happened to be there when I went in and the rest is history!
After receiving numerous responses, I have now sourced the appropriate person for supporting my request and this would not have happened without Sharon’s company. It’s a unique idea, a great service and supports both sides of the training spectrum- sourcing and delivering. I fully endorse and recommend anybody who is searching for a training support function to use Sharon’s resource as it is vast! I will definitely use this company in the future.

Jamie Lodge

Learning & Development Partner SYPTE

Having used your Associate Alert Service on several occasions now, I wanted to thank you Sharon, as I now have a wonderful bank of trainers that I use regularly and I will continue to use your resource for any further requirements I might need assistance with.

Marcella Lord

Keystar Training

I would recommend Sharon and The Trainers Training Company to Training Managers who are looking to grow a credible bank of high-caliber training professionals. I am a Manchester-based Sales Training Manager and during January of this year I was tasked with growing our bank of Sales Training Consultants situated in and around the Greater London area in order to support our growing training division. Sharon was referred to me via a mutual associate and from the outset I was greatly impressed with both the ease and efficiency with which The Trainers Company operates. Within 24 hours of my forwarding my request for associate sales trainers to Sharon it was circulated across her network and I was receiving responses from suitably qualified and experienced professionals.

Jill Morris

Celsius Graduate Recruitment

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