Do you ever have times when you feel overwhelmed, indecisive and unclear about how you are going to get new business? Should you be doing more networking? Is social media the answer? Isn’t it about time you started blogging? Etc etc etc …..

To cut through the clutter and get you feeling focused try this simple exercise. I call it my Business Audit. 

List on a piece of paper or on a spreadsheet every single piece of work that you have done since you set up your business. Write down:

– Client name

– Nature of work eg Design and delivery of Effective Leadership Programme

– Number of days

– Value

Once you have got all this information down go back through each piece of work and ask yourself this simple question

 – Where did this work come from?

This exercise is very useful for 3 reasons

1. It gives you an accurate and realistic picture of what marketing methods have really worked for you

2. It identifies what you are good at – we trainers have a tendency to think we aren’t very good at marketing. You’ve now got proof that you are!

3. It identifies the things you must carry on working at to continue to be successful.

I did this activity a couple of years ago and was really surprised at the results. I had a tendency to think that my work just happened by accident, something always seemed to be popping up. But doing this exercise on my business made me realise that this work didn’t just ‘happen’ – it was always as a direct result of something I’d done. That piece of work I thought just came to me through one of my friends was actually a result of 3 years of going out for coffee, staying in touch, and building a relationship with them. A marketing strategy and I didn’t know it!

So, audit your business today. Who knows what it will tell you?


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