What an absolutely fabulous day we had at Trainer Talk Live last Friday. It was lovely to see so many people there, to reconnect with old friends and meet some new ones too. Thanks to Gary Gorman and Ali Campbell for two great sessions, both very different but both equally useful and inspiring.

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The next Trainer Talk Live is on Friday 18 May – I’ll be sending you details very soon.

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A recurring theme for me this week has been the value of getting clients to come to you rather than you having to continually chase business. I remembered the first time this happened to me. The morning after one of my live Webcasts I had a call from an organisation asking me to go and run a Workshop for their members. It was a fantastic feeling! Gary Gorman talked about this on Friday in his Trainer Talk session ( in fact you can see him talking about his experiences on the video).

In two recent interviews I did with Nick Williams of Inspired Entrepreneur and Alan Stevens Media Coach it was highlighted again as a ‘Must Have’ for a successful training business.

So how do you do it? How do you get clients to seek you out, call you and say they want you and must have you!!

1. Be brave – be different – make sure you stand out! A great quote from Gary again at Trainer Talk. Have a look at your business card, for example. If you gave it to someone at a Networking Event would it be a talking point? Would people remember it? What makes your card different from all the rest of the freelance trainers out there?

2. Get known for doing one thing, do it consistently and really well. The most successful freelance trainers I know are the ones who specialise in ONE area. Someone said to me the other day, does anyone ever ask you if you know a really good generalist? The answer is No!

3. Position yourself as an expert. That’s why it’s vitally important to specialise. You can’t be an expert in hundreds of different areas.

Nick Williams shared with me his 4 Ways To Position Yourself as An Expert:

– Public speaking.
– Writing – either writing a book, blogging or articles
– Networking – including getting others to talk about you at events when you’re not even there!
– Joint Ventures and Collaborations

4. Be visible. Get out there – both on and off line. Be consistent with your networking activity. 10 minutes a day on Twitter, Linked In or Facebook is better than 1 full day once a month. By doing this both your name and what you do slowly drip feed into people’s consciousness.

5. Be authentic. Be yourself. Accept that some people may not like you, but hopefully most will. People buy from people who they know, like and trust. People are also attracted to people who they feel resonate with them, who are genuine and clear about what they stand for.

6. Build up a following and an army of fans! If you are doing all of the above this will happen naturally and before you know it more and more people will be ringing you and asking you to do do business with them!


As I mentioned earlier Ali Campbell wowed us at Trainer Talk on Friday with his demonstration of revolutionary participative training techniques.

Ali and his business partner Liz Wright of The Business Trainers Performance Method are running a workshop on 20 March in Oxfordshire which will showcase their unique brand of training. It’s a great opportunity for you to improve your skill set and renew your passion for your which ultimately will have a knock on effect in getting new business.

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If you are looking for Associate Work why not join our Associate Alert Service I regularly get asked by training companies to find freelance trainers for projects and contracts so it’s a great way to get leads notified to you.

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