How To Launch A Training Business In Just 30 Days: Online Programme

Based on my popular E-book, this new programme is the quickstart solution for your fledgling freelance training business.

Daily training in everything you need to launch a successful and profitable training business.

Are you thinking about going freelance but not quite sure if it’s the right move for you?

Have you just started out as a freelance trainer and not sure what you should be doing for the best results?

If ‘yes’ was your answer to either of those questions, you’re in the right place!

My name is Sharon Gaskin, Founder of The Trainers Training Company. I work with freelance trainers to help you create successful and profitable businesses.

I started my first training business in 2002.  Like many new freelance trainers I went through a huge learning curve in my first year and I found it very tough. I was an experienced learning professional and knew an awful lot about training, but running a business? That was something else! I wasn’t really sure how to go about it.

I spent hours surfing the web trying to learn what to do and what not to do but all I got was general business start-up advice which frankly, seemed way over my head. I wanted something that I could relate to, something that was specific for me and my situation, something that would tell me how to become a freelance trainer.


Unfortunately for me, I didn’t find it. Like many people, I had to learn the hard way through my experience and mistakes, wasting valuable time and money in the process.

But things can be so different for you!

If you are just starting out as a freelance trainer I have some great news! You can now discover everything you need to know to launch your own training business in one place and over just 30 days.

It’s all in my 30-day programme: How to Launch a Training Business in Just 30 Days.

Just imagine what this will give you: instead of feeling unsure and worried about where to start, you are totally clear about what you are going to do.

Imagine having a clear Action Plan which you can implement straight away and use to save you time and get you results. Imagine feeling confident and in control about the things you need to do to get the work you want and the fees you deserve.

What you will get from this 30-day programme:

Daily Training

I will be live every day at 7pm for 10-15 minutes to walk you through the lesson of the day (live programme only).


Weekly Meet Up

Once a week we’ll meet virtually as a group to catch up and cover any questions you have (live programme only).

Tick Mark Decide if freelance training is right for you

Tick Mark Work out what you really want from your business

Tick Mark Set realistic goals for your first 30, 60, 90 and 365 days of trading

Tick Mark Choose your business name

Tick Mark Identify the kind of work you need, want and can do

Tick Mark Identify your target market and ideal client

Tick Mark Understand WHY you need to differentiate yourself 

Tick Mark Discover how you can become a unique freelance trainer

Tick Mark Feel confident about targeting high value clients

Tick Mark Work out a sustainable and realistic business model

Tick Mark Get associate work that is worth doing 

Practical & Actionable Steps

Exercises and action steps you can implement immediately to start you off on the right foot.

Private Community

Join our FB group – ask questions, share information, get advice, support, daily training (live programme only).

Tick Mark  Define a clear strategy for getting corporate clients 

Tick Mark  Identify what you absolutely must charge to have a profitable business

Tick Mark  Feel confident about charging the fees you deserve

Tick Mark  Write effective, attractive and professional training proposals

Tick Mark  Choose marketing methods that will really work for you

Tick Mark  Take the first steps towards attracting business via social media 

Tick Mark Devise a networking plan that will bring you results

Tick Mark Save time, money and energy by networking with the right people

Tick Mark Feel confident about attending networking events



No need to struggle on your own – I’ll be there for every step to make sure you take action (live programme only).


Full Disclosure

I leave nothing out of this programme – you really will walk away with everything you need.

Tick Mark  Build relationships with potential clients through simple follow up strategies

Tick Mark  Take the first steps towards commissioning a website

Tick Mark Develop a simple plan to build an online presence 

Tick Mark Set up your office

Tick Mark Get realistic about cash flow and funding your business

Tick Mark Build a support team so you don’t have to do everything yourself

Tick Mark Create effective and efficient processes for running your business

Tick Mark Develop a clear Action Plan, to know exactly what you need to do and when

Tick Mark Feel confident, motivated and ready to launch your training business!

In short, you will learn everything I know about what you should and shouldn’t do in your first year of business!

What other trainers say about Sharon’s training:

This is a comprehensive product that takes the reader through the what, why and how of setting out on your own. Sharon provides valuable information and contacts because she’s been there and done it herself.

The practical approach (working out the different pulls on your time when you’re running a business or what you *really* want out of all those fabulous networking activities) helps you to make an effective transition from trainer or coach to business owner.

Rachel Hopkins

It’s an absolute pleasure to recommend Sharon Gaskin and The Trainers Training Company. Having the ability to pick the brains or call on the expertise of so many people in the Training industry has been extremely valuable in restructuring my business.

Sharon’s programme has allowed me to focus very much on what I want to achieve and the type of organisations I prefer to work with. She has also enabled me to see opportunities that I was missing but were right in front of me.

I’ve put several actions in place as a result of working with Sharon and even in these early days have already begun to see very definite and positive results.

On a personal level, Sharon is extremely warm and approachable. She is knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience that she is always ready to share. She also knows an awful lot of people so if she can’t answer a question (which is rare!) she definitely knows the people who can.

I’m very grateful indeed for all the help she has given and I hope we can continue to work together long into the future. Many thanks indeed Sharon

David Laing

I can highly recommend the programme delivered by Sharon. I’ve found it totally empowering and it’s being a huge catalyst in being able to focus on what I want my business to achieve and how I make it happen.

All the modules offered something valuable and challenged my mindset. It enabled me to break down barriers in my thinking and made it very easy to achieve by focusing my time on what will get me to my Vision.

Sharon is very supportive with real examples/ tried and tested techniques. Her down to earth and positive approach is very encouraging. The worksheets are high quality and are a brilliant tool. I’ve taken so much from the programme that will enable me to grow my business, do what I love and enjoy doing it in the process.

Thank you.

Jannine Gentle

Wow, what a thorough piece of work.

This material is just what every freelance trainer needs when starting out – a guide which is thorough and practical, supporting the reader every step of the way towards their ultimate goal and pre-supposing success

Catherine Graham

Having recently taken redundancy after 31 years of working for a major retailer, I’d decided to start up my own freelance training business.

I’d attended several workshops on self-employment, networking etc, and my brain was buzzing! I was unfocussed and beginning to worry about where to start, and then! …discovered How to launch a training business in 30 days!

This book is fantastic! It helped me order my thoughts, gave me focus, and produce a clear plan of action. The language is easy to understand, the exercises are practical, and the overall product gave me the motivation to continue – and I’m now feeling much more confident.

One of the major plus points for me, was that it is specifically about a training business – everything else I’d read or attended was quite general.

Thank you Sharon – a great tool for brand new freelance trainers! And the follow-up from Sharon to see how I was getting on was a great support.

Sue Parsons

I have recently completed Sharon’s on line course and it was one of the best foundation investments in my newly created coaching business. It has given me the motivation and the knowledge to create a very comprehensive action plan, the motivation to action it, but more than anything the mindset for business success.

Packed with practical tips for networking, techniques for gaining corporate business, getting in the right mindset and knowing your own value; I would recommend this course for any trainer who is considering freelancing or just starting out, you won’t regret it! Thank you Sharon

Debra Pitchford

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