Looking for some ideas to promote your training business and services?

I’ve put together a ‘quick-fire’ list of marketing ideas for you, all designed to inspire you to take regular action. The key is to break your marketing into manageable ‘little-but-often’ chunks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Also, I’d encourage you to get as much mileage from your promotional and marketing activities as possible. Don’t just write a blog article and forget about it – look at repurposing the content or sharing it on different platforms. If you meet someone at a networking event, follow up with them and see how you can help one another.

The aim is to get the maximum results and visibility from as little as ten minutes a day spent on promoting training.


Content marketing ideas to promote training

1.      Write a new blog article

There are so many reasons to blog if you’re not doing it already (or you’re blogging intermittently).

Blog articles give you a chance to share your knowledge and promote training in-depth using in your own words. They help you build your reputation as someone who knows their stuff. They give people a reason to keep coming back to your website and they encourage Google to do the same, which is great for your SEO.

2.      Update an old blog article

If you already have loads of great content on your blog then it might be time to breathe new life into it. The brilliant thing about existing blogs is that Google already knows about them. Sometimes a little refresh can be enough to push your existing content up search rankings.

Do any of your blogs contain out-of-date information? Are there broken links to external sources that you need to fix? Have you written more recent articles on the same topic that you could link to from an old blog?

3.      Repurpose existing content

There are many different ways that you can use old blogs by repurposing the content. The following work well:

  • Pull out some key sound bites and turn them into Tweets and Facebook posts
  • Create some branded memes using quotes from your blogs
  • Feature an article in your newsletter
  • Turn a blog into a Slideshare presentation

I found a great article about repurposing content on OptinMonster that has plenty of more ideas. Look at the articles that best promote your training business and focus on using them in as many different ways as possible.

4.      Use your data, milestones or results to tell a story

“I’m writing my story so that others might see fragments of themselves.” Quote by Lena Waithe

Have you ever thought about sharing some of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on in your training business? It could make a great blog topic.

You could talk about the decisions that went into a new training service launch, giving a broad overview of the numbers behind the launch if it was successful. You could write about the milestones you’ve hit as a trainer and how they’ve shaped your business. Or you could look at the results you’ve achieved within your niche.

5.      Create a virtual magazine

If you have loads of content to share, have you thought about creating a digital magazine available to subscribers? There are some fantastic tools available to help you create a virtual magazine. Canva, flipsnack and Madmagz all have free options. You can also create a publication on Medium.

6.      Develop an irresistible freebie

One of your best marketing tools is a marketing list comprising contact details for people who are happy to hear from you. An irresistible freebie or lead magnet is the incentive you offer to entice people to sign up to your list. This could be a free ebook, webinar or templates (as just a few examples) or a priced entry-level service such as a half-hour training consultation.

7.      Publish on alternative content distribution platforms

There are many different platforms where you can publish your content to reach a wider audience. In many cases, you can publish your existing blog articles without risking a duplicate content penalty from Google – you just need to explore what each platform says about this.

I like LinkedIn and Medium for redistributing my blog articles; Reddit is another popular content distribution platform.

8.      Invite someone you respect to write a guest post

Way back in 2014, Google’s then Head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts, famously said, “Stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done”. This caused many people to panic about allowing guest blogs on their site and it’s a debate that continues to rage on.

The truth is that guest blogging can still be a fantastic marketing tool but it must be done properly. In his comments, Matt Cutts was referring to poor quality, spammy guest blogs that often appeared on multiple sites. These are bad for business.

However, a guest blog written by someone who is well regarded as an expert and who shares a similar audience to you can bring in new business, new web traffic and build your reputation. Even more so, if the guest blogger has something to say that will be of value to your clients.

Visual marketing ideas to promote your training business

9.      Create a series of branded memes

Love them or hate them, inspirational quotes and branded memes are a big part of the social media landscape. They’re shareable, visual, easily digestible, and can be used to communicate your key selling points at a glance.

Tools and apps like Canva, Over, QuotesCover, EDIT.org and PicMonkey make creating your own branded memes quick, easy and affordable (in fact, you’ll be amazed how much you can do for free!)

10.  Pin your content to Pinterest

250 million people use Pinterest every month. It may not be your go-to social media platform to promote your training business but it might be worth spending ten minutes now and again pinning some content that would appeal to your audience.

You could set up public boards to pin your blogs and podcasts, for example, or set up private boards where you pin helpful templates and other training materials for training attendees.

Don’t forget that you can also pin content from other companies and individuals that your audience might find of interest.

11.  Make branded infographics

It’s estimated that infographics can increase web traffic by up to 12%. Also, when people follow the kind of text and graphics found in an infographic, they perform 323% better in completing a task than when following just text.

Knowing this, what sort of information could you present as an infographic to promote your training?

Are there stats you’ve uncovered about your clients’ sector? Maybe you have data from training you recently delivered? Or perhaps there’s something you cover in training that is best taught with step-by-step visuals?

This is a great opportunity to create branded infographics that visually present text or data. Again, tools such as Canva, Visme or Piktochart can all help you create professional-looking, branded graphics.

Social media marketing ideas to promote training services

12.  Run an online contest

Lots of my suggestions above have involved social media in some way because social media can be a powerful and direct tool to reach your target audience.

One quick and simple idea to boost engagement and market your training services is to run an online contest. This could be a contest to win a training consultation, a bonus masterclass or whatever suits your business.

I found some great online contest ideas on the Wishpond blog that might inspire you.

13.  Update your bios

Each social media platform gives you the chance to have a short bio at the top of your profile. This is a simple way to convey key information about the benefits of hiring you as a trainer.

When was the last time you updated your bios? A quick refresh can help you to update your core marketing messages.

14.  Respond to comments

Conversation isn't about proving a point; true conversation is about going on a journey with the people you are speaking with." Quote by Ricky Maye

Social media marketing is all about conversation and engagement. If people take the time to comment on your content, you must respond. When people feel that you genuinely care about their opinion, they are more likely to buy from you.

15.  Use different hashtags for different days

You may have noticed that a lot of companies use different hashtags for each day of the week to theme their content and invite contributions from their followers.

Hashtags like #MotivationMonday, #TransformationTuesday and #WinItWednesday can all work brilliantly. For example, you could post motivational tips on a Monday or ask your audience what motivates them. On Tuesdays, you could talk about how training has transformed a clients’ business and so on. The possibilities are endless!

Here is a link to 79 hashtags for every day of the week to get you started.

16.  Broadcast a live video

Live video marketing is very much in vogue right now and a great way to get engagement in real-time. You could run a Facebook Live about your training services, perhaps answering FAQs, or talk about a recent observation from the training room.

17.  Record some training videos

If the thought of live video marketing leaves you cold, you could always pre-record video content instead. Do you have a client who would be up for you recording your training at their site? Alternatively, could you deliver some sample training to publish on YouTube?

I put some ideas for video marketing when you’re camera shy in a past blog.


So, there you have it – 17 quick and easy ideas to promote training. Want more ideas like this? Discover 15 more marketing tips here.

Let me know in the comments below if you use any of the ideas on this list. I’d love to hear how you get on.


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