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I help freelance trainers build a business and lifestyle they love

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Group mentoring for freelance trainers. Grow your freelance training business in a small, safe group coaching and support group.

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Are you a freelance trainer looking for more work? The Trainers Training Company Associate Alerts Service is just what you need!

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Do you need a freelance trainer to fill in for a day? Do you need a trainer to devise and deliver a programme for you? The Trainers Training Company can help!

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About The Trainers Training Company

You become a freelance trainer to help more people learn skills and use them to enhance their career and future opportunities.

However, freelancing brings its own issues like

  • Where do you get new clients from?
  • Where’s the best place to share content to raise your profile?
  • Where do you book the best venues at the best rates?
  • How do you find Associate Work?
  • Where do you get your legals and contracts from?

All of this, and more is covered by The Trainers Training Company programmes.



Highly Recommended

In 2015, Sharon connected me with some fantastic training assignments and training clients. In the last 3 months, I have been involved in L&D projects in the US and several European countries. All of this as a result of Sharon’s Associate Alert Service. Highly recommended.

Mark Hayes

...resulted in £9,000 worth of business in my first year

I contacted Sharon when I first set up in business as a freelancer purely on the strength of the website and testimonials, and found her generous with both her time and advice. Move forward a couple of months, and the alert service had secured me one of my first contracts, which ultimately resulted in £9,000 worth of business in my first year, plus some new contacts which I have kept using, as well as more interview days for associate work. All in all, a fantastic return on investment for £87 – I think that means you have got my subscription for a few years to come Sharon! Now I just need to make it to one of your workshops…

Annabel Graham

Many thanks Sharon!

Thanks to Sharon’s alert service, I have just secured more work, making this service well worth the nominal cost. Many thanks Sharon!

Nikki Cinderey

Join Trainer Talk

Trainer Talk is the UKs premier training portal for freelance trainers to learn, grow and collaborate.

The two-tier membership includes a thriving online community as well as the opportunity to meet up 4 times a year for Trainer Talk Live.

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