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About The Trainers Training Company

You become a freelance trainer to be in the training room doing what you love!

However, freelancing brings its own issues like:

  • Where do I get new clients from?
  • How do I get people to find me?
  • Where can I find the best training venues at the best rates?
  • How do I find Associate Work?
  • What do I charge?
  • Do I need a website?
  • Where do I get legals and contracts from?
Sharon Gaskin

Sharon Gaskin

I’m Sharon Gaskin, the founder of the Trainers Training Company and I work with freelance trainers like you, to help you create and grow a successful and profitable training business.


Highly Recommended

Sharon’s Associate Alert Service has been worth every penny. On the one hand I have gained 2 lucrative contracts that kept my accountant happy but for me the main benefit has been the growing confidence I have from the contacts I have made with people I wouldn’t have known existed. I’ve made some long lasting friends from these opportunities so thank you on so many levels. Bev Wrench  

...resulted in £9,000 worth of business in my first year

I contacted Sharon when I first set up in business as a freelancer purely on the strength of the website and testimonials, and found her generous with both her time and advice. Move forward a couple of months, and the alert service had secured me one of my first contracts, which ultimately resulted in £9,000 worth of business in my first year, plus some new contacts which I have kept using, as well as more interview days for associate work. All in all, a fantastic return on investment for £87 – I think that means you have got my subscription for a few years to come Sharon! Now I just need to make it to one of your workshops…     Annabel Graham

Definitely worth investing in

Had only been signed up to Sharon’s Associate Alert service for about a month before receiving notification of a brilliant long term opportunity, which I ended up securing. It is definitely not an opportunity I would have otherwise become aware of, and Sharon stayed engaged throughout the process and even took the time to congratulate me at the end. This is definitely a service worth investing in and I look forward to seeing what further opportunities hold for me. Jade Luke

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