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Helping freelance trainers
to create successful businesses

Sharon Gaskin works with freelance trainers

Hello, fellow freelance trainer!

My name is Sharon Gaskin and I help trainers like you to become happy and financially secure freelancers and training business owners.

Developing the skills to be a successful freelance trainer is a learning curve – and a steep one at that!

You’ve probably got the training side of things down to a fine art, which is great.

I’m here to help you master everything else – marketing, finding and pitching for work, quoting (and knowing what to charge), managing client relationships, and so much more.

From free guides and blogs to courses, coaching and community, the support you need to succeed as a freelance trainer is here for you.


Self-Belief Coaching Academy Graduate Coach

Freelance trainer, how can I help you?

There are several different ways to work with me and get advice and support to build a training business on your own terms
– it all depends on where you are on your training business journey!

If you’re not sure where to start, check out my Everything page here.

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Move your training business forward with one-to-one coaching with me, Sharon Gaskin. Together, we focus exclusively on growing your business in a way that fits your goals (and your life). We’ll break down any barriers that have been holding you back so that you’re able to feel full of purpose and confidence. 

How to Launch & Grow

Join How to Launch & Grow a Training Business in 30 Days and get the definitive blueprint to thriving as a freelance trainer. Unlock one lesson per day over 30 consecutive days – each packed full of practical advice – as well as workbooks, activities, live Zoom sessions with Sharon for accountability, and more. 

Ideal for start-ups or relatively new training businesses. Join at any time for lifetime access.


Starting Monday 1st July 2024, Revive is a four-week live programme designed to help you fall back in love with your training business. This course is for you if you’re feeling jaded, worn out, or overwhelmed. 

There’s a lot happening in the world right now, and the training world reflects that. 

Revive is ideal for current freelance trainers who need a confidence boost and a plan for meeting current challenges.

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Free stuff to help you grow your training business

I want you to find The Trainers Training Company as helpful as possible whatever your circumstances or stage in your freelance trainer business journey. You can now get all three of my FREE ebooks in one easy download in the Freelance Trainer Starter Kit.

Join the Trainer Talk community
because independent doesn't have to mean alone!

When I first became a freelance trainer, it was lonely. I knew my stuff in the training room, but who could I talk to about all the behind-the-scenes stuff that was taking up more of my time than I ever expected? I made up my mind to find a community of fellow freelance trainers, knowing they had to be out there.

And that’s how Trainer Talk was born.

Through Trainer Talk, you can be part of an active online community of freelance trainers,
all at different stages in their freelance journey. Plus, you can access business clinics, spotlight sessions, expert masterclasses, and more. We also run Trainer Talk Local events around the country – Trainer Talk members get an exclusive ticket discount.

We’re a friendly bunch and excited for you to join us.

Freelance trainers at a Trainer Talk Live event
Freelance trainers in a breakout group at a Trainer Talk Live event
A speaker at a Trainer Talk Live event for freelance trainers
A group of freelance trainers and training business owners at Trainer Talk Live

Looking for associate or direct client work?

Finding associate or direct client opportunities can be tough. Getting your foot in the door can be even tougher. 

The good news is that I’ve amassed a HUGE network of training contacts over the years. 

Now you don’t have to chase leads across job portals and networking platforms because the best opportunities can come to you via our Opportunity Alert Service.

Sharon Gaskin, business and marketing coach for freelance trainers

Hi, I'm Sharon Gaskin

After leaving the corporate training world and working around my family, I went through (many) highs and lows as a freelance trainer, making mistakes sometimes and learning more than I ever imagined possible. 

In 2009, I launched The Trainers Training Company and Trainer Talk community to help freelance trainers get to grips with things like finding clients, marketing, money management, branding, pitching and much more. 

Essentially, I wanted to give others the support I wish I’d had.

I’m here to share my experience – and that of other freelancers. The Trainers Training Company is about helping you to feel happy, confident and supported as you build a profitable training business.

Get everything in place from the ground up and your business will enhance your life immeasurably – I promise!


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